"NTW" Bearing  are  continually  gaining popularity internationally.Our sales network always ready to  explore new needs worldwide  and our production facility remains in time with  overseas requirements by adopting new technology in manufacturing.in the way "NTW" Bearings always remains a steps ahead in terms of service and technology.

The company possess complete in Terms of technical & managerial manpower with requissite plant and machinery to match the need & requirement of our customer.

The company is headed by highly qualified technolist,whose motivation and foresight ha driven us to our present seccess.Company is exporing our products to developed countries like italy ,germany,alongwith other European and south American countries.

You are aware that to keep pace with the fast changing business environment one has  to constantly upgrade technology and improve product quality.

Inspite of our brand "NTW" being established and successful in the local as well as export market ,we have not been resting on our success but have been gearing up to face the competition in this new challanging global scenrio